Bikes in Ho Chi Minh City demonstrating fluid flow

Its quite mesmerising (to someone who hasn’t seen it before – like me) to watch busy intersections in Ho Chi Minh city and to observe the ballet vehicles and people crossing each others paths without a crash to be seen.

Here are a couple of short video clips that hopefully demonstrate this effect at least partially. Seeing it in real life is even more impressive – perhaps because of the sheer panorama that your own eyes can take in, and that a camera field of view cannot.

Here is a cleaner sweeping the intersection as vehicles pass around him.

Here is some more footage of all sorts of vehicles passing through each other at various angles without any apparent collisions.

3 thoughts on “Bikes in Ho Chi Minh City demonstrating fluid flow

  1. Looks very similar to what I experienced in Taipei. No sudden moves, walk slowly and they ride around you. Very intimidating at first. Speaks worlds for getting rid of traffic lights in slow moving traffic areas. Watch what happens the next time a set of traffic lights at a major intersection are out. It’s very interesting to see how the traffic pattern changes.

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