Thoughts about starting and growing Internode

This post just points out a couple of places on the Interwebs where I’ve discussed the journey around starting, growing, and ultimately selling Internode.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, just read on for the location of those things.

First, here is a written interview about the journey of starting and growing (and ultimately selling) Internode.

It was published recently in StartupSmart, in two parts: Part one and Part two.

Second, I’ve recently come across a video recording of a speech I delivered back in July 2013 to a Startup Adelaide Weekend event, held at Adelaide University.

This was a weekend Startup event that Internode sponsored and that I was invited to speak to, before the various groups of budding entrepreneurs spent the weekend in teams trying to create something, powered mostly by pizza, beer and enthusiasm.

The theme and content of the speech are pretty well in line with the more recent written interview that I’ve already noted.

If you prefer listening/watching things rather than reading them, the video from the Startup Adelaide event in July 2013 is here, and it runs for around six minutes.

I hope these things are of interest to people who might be curious about the approach that worked for me, in terms of startup and growing Internode.

Your mileage may (well) vary, of course; but hopefully there’s something in the above that might give some useful ideas to people with a wish to start their own business, either now or in the future 🙂