First Look at VH-TCP

This morning was time for the pleasant experience of my first look at my new plane.

Its… very very nice.

There will be lots to do before we go – including figuring out and hopefully installing my new aviation-optimised video camera, and a first flight in the aircraft tomorrow morning (including a demonstration of a full engine shutdown and restart at altitude).

Meantime – I’m a happy camper 🙂

7 thoughts on “First Look at VH-TCP

  1. So does tomorrow also mark the first day that you’ll have ever have flown in two completely different aircraft with the same registration? 😉

    Just a little bit of an upgrade from the old ‘TCP’, very shiny! 🙂

  2. Hi Michael. Yes, this will be the first time I’ve moved a registration to a new aircraft, and its quite a transition!

    That said, and as per Catherine’s comment… I’m going to try an engine shutdown and restart, just like the old TCP 🙂

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