Ready to leave Switzerland

Well, we’re ready to leave.

We have packed the aircraft with all of its needed bits and pieces including the two extra cabin seats (normally 6 are in the cabin, but 8 in total are supplied and can be fitted), high quality lifejackets and a life raft, swiss chocolate, cargo straps, documentation, water, snacks… iDevice chargers… you name it.

The plan is to depart the Pilatus factory airfield in Switzerland around 10am local time on 23rd August and head to Crete. This is a relatively short flight compared to some later days (circa 5 hours).

The flight route is already loaded into the on board FMS and we’re looking forward to getting on with it!

Flight plan for day 1

Not sure how long it will take to sort ourselves out at the other end and wind up at our hotel room, but I’ll aim to post something on the evening after the flight, even if only brief.

6 thoughts on “Ready to leave Switzerland

  1. Dearest, Seb tells me that FlightAware doesn’t track smaller GA aircraft in Europe. It only seems to work for US and Australia. We’ll just have to keep track of your blog.

  2. Well, we made it to Crete. Off to dinner now, all is well.

    I will post something later, but… This is going to be quite an adventure ­čÖé

    The flight here was great, and so now I have flown my new plane at last. It rocks.

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