Successfully deploying IPv6 in Australia

On October 18th 2012 in Melbourne, I delivered a presentation about the history and current deployment status of IPv6 into the national customer base of Internode.

If you’re interested, you can take a look at that presentation in a couple of ways.

First, a recording of the presentation audio with the slide pack is available here:

(It runs for 30 minutes)

Second, the slide pack alone is also available as a pdf here:

Internode IPv6 Deployment Status 2012

This is a pretty esoteric subject for anyone not working within the Internet industry!

For those who are within that industry, I hope this is a helpful and useful look at how we have succeeded in terms of IPv6 deployment where others are yet to meaningfully commence.

It also explains how starting early and working hard on seamless (automatic and invisible) deployment to all new Internode customers means that we have now passed the 5% takeup level within the customer base (and rising) for IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack Internet service.

We are at the point where a full-fidelity Internet experience is necessarily a dual-stack one – and we’re proud of leading the way in this regard in Australian Internet services deployment.