How to make AXIS Web Cameras work properly on Safari (MacOS and IOS)

Do you have AXIS web cameras? Do you use MacOS or IOS?

Chances are that you have been suffering the same issue that i have, for more than a year now… and that has been driving me a bit mad!

I have had an issue for more than a year, that’s been driving me a bit mad…

This issue is that current versions of the AXIS WebOS user interface interact badly with Safari, such that Safari keeps popping up a login window over and over (and over and over). You can hit ‘cancel’ to dismiss the login box, but it keeps on coming back, and back and back. Its infuriating.

When I asked AXIS support for help, they didn’t (help) me at all. They just told me to use another browser (which works, but I don’t want to use another browser).

I have finally found the fix, and I wanted to write it down in case it helps others. I found the fix today on an AXIS web page, in reference to a specific camera and IOS, but it turns out that the fix works in general with all AXIS cameras and with Safari on MacOS X as well as on IOS. Yay!

To fix this issue on IOS:

To use AXIS OS web interface with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features and disable NSURLSession Websocket.

To fix this issue on MacOS X:

If the ‘Develop’ menu is not visible in Safari on the Mac, first make it appear by doing this:

Go to  Safari > Preferences, click Advanced, then select “Show Develop menu in menu bar”

Now, turn off the same ‘Experimental Feature’ (NSURLSession Websocket) by finding it and un-checking it under the Develop > Experimental Features menu.

and…happy days 🙂

iPhone 5s Photography Tips

‘The best camera you have is the one you have with you’. It’s a popular phrase in photography. More often than not, the camera I have with me is the one in my iPhone 5s.

I’ve been getting better (I claim!) at getting good (occasionally great) results out of it, and some friends asked me to write down some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned, that can help to get the best out of this tiny little camera.

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About AvPlan – and why I have invested in it

I’ve just made a substantial investment in AvSoft Australia Pty Ltd, the company behind AvPlan (

I hope that as you read this, the reasons why I was keen to invest in AvPlan should become obvious. That decision was driven from two strong passions of mine – technology and aviation. AvPlan represents a brilliant intersection between those two realms that presses all the right buttons for me 🙂

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iMessage in IOS 7 loses link with your mobile number – and how to fix it

Like many other iPhone users, I upgraded to IOS 7 pretty much as soon as it came out.

There’s a subtle bug that seems to be impacting many people who upgraded early in the piece, such that iMessage has lost its internal ‘permission’ to use your mobile number as the source of iMessages transmitted over the Internet.

People aren’t necessarily picking up on this issue by themselves, because their problem isn’t actually visible to them. It is only visible to (and only a problem for) the other IOS users that they exchange messages with. It just lurks there, driving people batty, with necessarily having an obvious underlying cause.

I’ve written this post to explain the issue and how to fix it, mostly so I can tell my own friends about it without repeating myself constantly. I hope its also useful for others in the same way!

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